Fall Student Recital Scheduling

The time has arrived to schedule student recitals for the fall semester! If you plan on having your recital on campus, you will need to make an appointment to schedule the location, date, and time for your recital. Appointments begin Friday, April 6th and continue through April 13th as follows:

Friday, April 6: Doctoral & Graduate Degree Recitals
Monday, April 9: Undergraduate Degree Recitals
Tuesday, April 10: Undergraduate Degree Recitals
Wednesday, April 11: Doctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate Degree Recitals
Thursday, April 12: Doctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate Degree Recitals
Friday, April 13: Non-degree recitals

If you will be giving a degree recital, please register it with Lynn Wildman, the School of Music Academic Advisor (PAB 417A), before we meet. Please come to your recital scheduling appointment prepared with five potential recital dates that have been approved by your applied instructor to avoid a delay in scheduling and give us flexibility if your first or second choice isn’t available. If your applied instructor is free to join us for our meeting, they are welcome to do so.

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